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Nov 30 2008 · Price of fuel was $1.29 a gallon back on 10/03/94. Seattle to Lewiston ID and back drove 543 miles used 103 gallons of fuel cost of fuel was $133.54 fuel milage was 5.27 mpg. Price of fuel was $1.29 a gallon on 9/05/95. Our current dump trucks

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Highway Hourly Fuel Consumption Calculator

They are to determine the fuel (gasoline or Diesel A) requirements of a heavy truck highway trip and to provide some calculations required by some state highway departments for big rig truck logs. All entries should be numeric and may be decimal if needed. Enter time values as hours; 6 minutes is 1/10 hour. Enter fuel values in gallons.

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Prediction of fuel consumption of mining dump trucks: A ...

Fuel consumption of mining dump trucks accounts for about 30% of total energy use in surface mines. Moreover a fleet of large dump trucks is the main source of greenhouse gas (GHG) generation. Modeling and prediction of fuel consumption per cycle is a valuable tool in assessing both energy costs and the resulting GHG generation.

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